A transformative relationship experience

The Marriage Fitness program by Mort Fertel is a truly transformative experience.

If you are looking for a wonderful teacher, guide, and coach in making your marriage all that you know it can be – he’s the one. It is not an easy journey to overcome relationship hurdles when you’re on the brink of divorce, but with Mort’s help you can restore the love. This program has inspired our mutual creativity. My husband and I write poetry together and create stories to better cherish our relationship and find a common, happy ground.

– J and R

2 thoughts on “A transformative relationship experience

  1. This will really improve your relationship with
    your spouse, and give you both a much more satisfying and happy
    marriage. Another way of showing passion in the relationship
    is to express what interest he has and also his goals in life.
    That is because romance is about revitalizing and building the
    love that binds.

  2. When I first considered this question a few years back, the smart
    ass in me also asked, “DO I want my wife back. If your spouse is the type to start shouting then you may need to have this conversation in the presence of a marriage counselor or some other neutral third party knowledgeable about how to save a marriage. Our sense of identity is formed within our brain, forming what neuroscientists call, “autobiographical
    memory” or the story of who you think you are.

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