Thanks for doing what you do

Thanks for doing what you do. My wife and I had been together for seven years, spent four years in turmoil, and worked with three different marriage counselors in two years. We spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, only to watch it spiral even faster.

I found your website after an explosive argument during which we both agreed that the marriage was over and we were completely wasting our time. I have been married twice and she has been married four times, so failed relationships are nothing new to us. Somehow, practice never makes it easier.

Somehow, you were able to accomplish in 1 1/2 hrs what three marriage counselors failed to do. Your assessments made us realize that maybe it wasn’t all “their” fault after all, and your straight-forward approach in the tele-conferences showed us a path to marital satisfaction that earlier would have seemed impossible.

We cannot even begin to show our appreciation for all you’ve done for us, so we will simply say “thank you”. We will continue to tell friends and family members in relationships about your programs.

– J and G

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