The program is a no-brainer

I need to commend Mort on his patience, understanding, and clarity. I was looking for the ultimate answer to my marriage problems. When I found out about Mort Fertel’s program, I immediately signed up. I started out on the lone ranger track, but after I listened to the first CD and read his book, I began putting my thoughts into action.

In less than a week my husband was looking through the material with me and expressed willingness to listen to the CD’s.

Your program is a no-brainer.

The system perfectly captured how we had been treating each other. I can not thank you enough for opening our eyes. Now, my husband and I can work together again without arguing. We talk much more and sometimes we forget to turn on the TV. We don’t need those distractions anymore. My husband even did all the laundry one week. It was a big step!

Cannot thank Mort enough for what he’s done for me and my marriage. We couldn’t have done it without you.

– PW

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