The last ditch effort that worked

Your Marriage Fitness program gave me a new whole new perspective on my failing marriage.

I registered for the Lone Ranger track as a last ditch effort to save my marriage because my husband wanted a divorce. I was heartbroken. I was out of hope. I was out of ideas.

I wanted to save my marriage more than anything but my husband couldn’t care less. I doubted that a marriage could be saved if only one partner was willing to participate. Fortunately, your program changed not only that thought, but my overall perspective on how I could improve my marriage and myself.

Over the past few months, I have become a better wife and I can say that my marriage is no longer failing. There is laughter, love, joking around, and time spent together again.

My thoughts and my actions have changed the trajectory of our marriage, and I would encourage any couple in a rough patch to participate in the program. Mort has extremely valuable insights, and proven methods to restore love in any marriage.

– LW

We just needed hope

My husband and I found your Marriage Fitness program to be extremely helpful for saving our marriage. We had been married 8.5 years but had been in counseling for almost seven of those years.

Counseling obviously didn’t work. And, to be perfectly honest, it just made our marriage worse.

The Marriage Fitness foundation allowed us to rebuild our shattered marriage. Your program got through to my husband in a way that three psychologists were unable to in a decade. While our marriage is far from perfect, there is once again hope that he and I can be married until death do us part.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

– C

Thanks for doing what you do

Thanks for doing what you do. My wife and I had been together for seven years, spent four years in turmoil, and worked with three different marriage counselors in two years. We spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, only to watch it spiral even faster.

I found your website after an explosive argument during which we both agreed that the marriage was over and we were completely wasting our time. I have been married twice and she has been married four times, so failed relationships are nothing new to us. Somehow, practice never makes it easier.

Somehow, you were able to accomplish in 1 1/2 hrs what three marriage counselors failed to do. Your assessments made us realize that maybe it wasn’t all “their” fault after all, and your straight-forward approach in the tele-conferences showed us a path to marital satisfaction that earlier would have seemed impossible.

We cannot even begin to show our appreciation for all you’ve done for us, so we will simply say “thank you”. We will continue to tell friends and family members in relationships about your programs.

– J and G

Lone ranger no more

In October, I joined your program by myself. I was the lone ranger. Fortunately, thanks to your advice my husband moved back home just before the holidays. We are now working through the program again – but this time, we are doing it together. My husband says he is totally committed to our marriage now and truly wants to make it work.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

– P

It’s all uphill now

My wife has made a complete turnaround since working with your program and is starting to not only spend time on our marriage but she’s making some amazing changes.

Thank you for all your help and insight. If it were not for you helping me through this time and teaching me how to be the husband that my wife deserves, then I may have never been able to bring her back to this marriage and our family.

She made her choice, and because of Marriage Fitness and your program, she chose me!