The Mort Fertel approach to saving marriages works.

When Mort first created the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp System, it seemed like a salvation for couples on the brink of divorce. No matter how hopeless a situation feels, until you’ve tried Marriage Fitness, you can’t say you’ve tried everything.

Mort founded his relationship strengthening system after his own experience with marital upheaval. He and his wife suffered through a personal tragedy that drove a wedge in their bond. In the years that followed, they found that traditional therapy was an ineffective means for repairing their relationship. Though they eventually weathered the storm, Mort realized there were many couples experiencing similar dissatisfaction with traditional counseling techniques.

Thus, Marriage Fitness was born.

Read on for the numerous testimonials written by those who have personally benefitted from Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. If you’re considering relationship counseling – Marriage Fitness is the way to go.

This program is a privilege

The Marriage Fitness program has saved my marriage!

My husband and I were separated for five months and heading towards divorce. Then, I had the chance to try your brilliant program which can actually change what everything that feels impossible to change!

I can honestly say that I feel privileged for being able to participate in the Marriage Fitness program and for being able to do this all from Greece, where I live. I would not have been able to save my marriage without Mort Fertel.

– PV

Your advice is invaluable

My wife and I want to thank you, in writing, for giving us such valuable advice.

As I mentioned in the past, my personal goal has been to somehow find some miracle that would help my wife and I reconcile and restore our marriage of 32 years. The Marriage Fitness program, along with the insightful comments you regularly send to participants like ourselves, made a huge difference in our lives.

We have more work ahead of us but from my perspective, the miracle I prayed for did materialize and it happened because of you and your Marriage Fitness program.

We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– RC

Wish we’d tried this sooner

All I can say is: thank you for your program.

I came home from work one day and sat in the driveway practicing the words I was going to say to my wife: “I’m leaving”. When I walked in the door, your program had just arrived. Rather than tell my wife I was planning to move out, I suggested we listen to a disc.

Long story short, we’ll be working this out together. The goal is to try to re-connect and complete your action steps. I can’t wait to try this. After 30 years, I’m only sorry we didn’t do this sooner. Thank you, Mort.

– GB

The program is a no-brainer

I need to commend Mort on his patience, understanding, and clarity. I was looking for the ultimate answer to my marriage problems. When I found out about Mort Fertel’s program, I immediately signed up. I started out on the lone ranger track, but after I listened to the first CD and read his book, I began putting my thoughts into action.

In less than a week my husband was looking through the material with me and expressed willingness to listen to the CD’s.

Your program is a no-brainer.

The system perfectly captured how we had been treating each other. I can not thank you enough for opening our eyes. Now, my husband and I can work together again without arguing. We talk much more and sometimes we forget to turn on the TV. We don’t need those distractions anymore. My husband even did all the laundry one week. It was a big step!

Cannot thank Mort enough for what he’s done for me and my marriage. We couldn’t have done it without you.

– PW

A transformative relationship experience

The Marriage Fitness program by Mort Fertel is a truly transformative experience.

If you are looking for a wonderful teacher, guide, and coach in making your marriage all that you know it can be – he’s the one. It is not an easy journey to overcome relationship hurdles when you’re on the brink of divorce, but with Mort’s help you can restore the love. This program has inspired our mutual creativity. My husband and I write poetry together and create stories to better cherish our relationship and find a common, happy ground.

– J and R